Waves maxxaudio drivers For dell inspiron rar

Waves maxxaudio drivers For dell inspiron rar

If you already do have the latest one, you might switch to using the Resource Monitor to see if you can break out one particular part of the process. I bought a new Dell Inspiron 68 recently with an i5 7th gen CPU. My headphones can't be detected at all after this. No problem with CPU consumption if the headphone jack is used normally. Perhaps check the settings, namely enhancements, to see if there are differences in settings which might be responsible. Anything else I can do fix the audio drivers or some software?

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Not sure why. I can end the Service Application and the CPU consumption stops, but this makes it such that the Waves MaxxAudio software can't detect a headphone being plugged in.

Waves MaxxAudio Service Application take 70 90 of CPU

What do I need to do to resolve this problem? Then it starts messing up whenever I use the internal speakers regardless of whether or not I have a USB audio device plugged in. I would suggest you have the latest driver. I confirmed that my Windows 65 is updated. 6% of cpu while playing Youtube. I realized that even just browsing youtube was causing this so I looked at the Task Manager. These applications are Waves MaxxAudio Service Application.

XPS 13 9360 Waves MaxxAudio Service Application

EDIT: I found one way to trigger the problem. I have found a couple of websites which will run my processor heavily for no obvious reason. There I realized that if any application has any audio playing then there were two tasks that each consumes about 95% of the CPU all the time.

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Interestingly, the fan runs all the time. I have been checking my system and waves only uses about. USB audio is causing the problem.

The huge CPU consumption only occurs when I'm using the internal speakers. Mine doesn't seem to do that. Very little difference between external speakers and internal speakers. I can reinstall all the DELL audio drivers and it would work well until I plug in the first USB audio device.