The heart Of Italy

The heart Of Italy

California Avenue and going up to Marshall Blvd. You’ll find some of the best Italian and Italian-American restaurants along Oakley Avenue and Western Avenue that is sure to please your palate. Nestled in Pilsen in the Lower West Side of Chicago is a tiny neighborhood called the Heart of Italy. Because this neighborhood only spans a few blocks, you should head outside of it for dog walks and for all of your dog’s most in-demand treats and toys. Other than that, this urban enclave boasts a city vibe that you can enjoy on your own on a leisurely stroll. Weather in Chicago is hot and humid in the summer, cold and stormy in the winter, and temperate the rest of the year. About 8 blocks east is Barrett Park with a small greenway. By continuing to browse this website, you give your consent or not, the use of cookies themselves.

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For those living on the north boundary of the Heart of Italy, this might make a nice diversion. You’ll see families with children, retirees, working professionals, and students from all walks of life. If you are a bit out of shape or your dog is elderly or overweight, you will be happy to know that the terrain in Chicago is all flat. Check out the availability! Some of these old residences have been renovated to include modern designs. Our apartments are located in the best districts of Milan. Heart of Italy is a working-class neighborhood. Call us/Whatsapp: We invite you to leave a review.

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This makes taking leisurely walks a pleasure and is much easier on your old friend’s joints.

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Enjoy annual neighborhood festivals during the summer months. You can check out the local art scene at a gallery on Oakley Avenue that has a variety of exhibitions every month that will open your eyes to new works by upcoming artists. Online selling flags: For over two decades distributes flags all over the world. There are some trees but that is about all of the greenery you are likely to see in public spaces along the streets. A couple of blocks to the west, you will find Washtenaw Park which has a small green space and a block further west, there are large lengthy green spaces along S. There are a lot of old buildings in this historic area to check out but this tiny neighborhood does not have any parks of its own and there are not a lot of parks in the immediate vicinity, so outings to green areas will likely need to be planned. You can check out some of the local retail shops or spend your Sunday giving back to the community by volunteering at one of the local churches. With neighboring Little Italy being the popular spot, Heart of Italy enjoys a less crowded environment and remains a hidden gem in the city. You can sample a variety of Italian delicacies while people watching at the same time.

Choose yours. You'll want to pack the appropriate gear whenever you venture out during these times. This is only a couple blocks off of the southern border of the Heart of Italy. There are groomers and veterinarians close by and if you are walking, you will find a smattering of small stores and places to get food and drink not far from home. If you are looking for a bit of grass close by, the 9-block walk may be worth it. Those along the south edge of the neighborhood can also go down to the Western Avenue Riveredge Park which is a large greenspace down along the canal. If you want more of a challenge, you have an entire city in front of you, and long walks are not only possible but advisable. Although the culinary scene is the most popular feature of this community, there are other fun things to do besides eating delicious food.