Straight hell nick

Straight hell nick

No wonder that all the sub boys want to be dominated by this straight stud. Either that, or Derek and Bryan are identical twins with opposite personalities and no one told us! Dave and Adrian compound his humiliation even further Dave rams Nicholas asshole with an enormous dildo on a stick while Adrian mockingly kisses him and licks his ballgag like they were the tenderest of lovers. Nicholas cock is roped and stretched with a heavy brick. I’d let him fuck me hard, with long, slow but resolute strokes until I cum just from being pounded by this strong man. Back in 7565 when Nicholas was fresh meat and soft and pliable, he was subjected to utter horror for a straight man. Nick gets fucked at both ends and then gets covered with their perverted jizz. Nicholas is wracked with pain and the once defiant, fighting prisoner has been reduced to a slobbering, whimpering slave.

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Dave gets a lance with a vibrator on its end and sticks it straight into Bryan’s virgin asshole. They rope him at the wrists and ankles inside an old shower room at their gym. The masters keep violating his tight straight asshole and derive a great pleasure from doing this. Terry is tall, straight and super athletic, born to be a porn star and. Standing bent over, and Dave and Reuben pounce on his defenseless ass and cock. But, instead of indulging the official fantasy coming from the minds of Straight Hell, I am inventing my own narrative that salvages the pretense of authentic straight lads getting snatched and terribly abused by sociopathic British tops. Nicholas is no longer an anal virgin, but his initiation as a bondage slave is just getting started! Certainly it is abusive, but that s the point. Now, it has to be mentioned that Nicholas has undergone a stunning transformation since his debut in 7565. Meanwhile Nick takes Bryan’s soft dick and begins to stroke it until it gets hard.

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Utterly Amazing! Once the men discover he hasn t ejaculated in the past week, they re over the moon at the opportunity to wank this stud and see what kind of sperm sample he can provide. After some time Bryan’s balls are emptied and the Masters obtain a sample of this straight boy’s semen as well. Todd offers to give Reuben a personal training session, but before he knows it, he's drugged, trussed up to his own machines, and utterly at the sadistic top's mercy. The guy who played Louie in the video featured here, is brilliant, one of the best actors in a porn movie I have ever seen. It s abusive in an unpleasant way. Back in this series, Terry (playing a lad named Daniel) was being brought in to get a physical for the college rowing team. The lashes are unrelenting and soon enough Bryan’s ass becomes bright red. I would subscribe but I don t quite understand this post as it is still unavailable in the UK as far as I can see? We give young football fan Darren a ticket to an 'exclusive afterparty' with the Chelsea team.

He's their sex toy for the night. But, there’s more. Dave and Adrian continue their relentless torture of Nicholas. I must confess that I’d go with Nick to bed anytime he wants, he’s just my type of man. Reuben and Dave come across a hot little paperboy, who's just asking to be taken advantage of. JockSpank is on the move, due to Bloggers change to their rules in relation to adult blogs, introduced many years after JockSpank was created and built up to what it is today, we are in the process of moving to a new site atWe hope that you will follow us there and continue to enjoy the Spanking funI agree. I was particularly intrigued by his cheeky smile in this video, it conveys a kind of innocence, but we all know that Nick is anything but innocent!