New Tricks s09e06

New Tricks s09e06

The team investigate the murder of an East German immigrant, but they only have his mysterious final words to work with. The team reinvetigate the case to try and find out if her death really was an accident. The team investigate the death of a 66-year-old tennis star who fell—or was pushed—from a penthouse balcony after she lost an important match to a rival. As they attempt to piece together his remarkable story, Sandra attempts to gain the trust of his estranged daughter. The Simpsons is found under S Did she jump, or was she pushed? While Standing is convinced that the murder is related to Docherty's criminal connections, Lane is sure that the answer lies in his poetry. Now, someone is trying to kill all the members of that group and Strickland turns to the UCOS team for help. A couple of years ago, 66-year-old tennis champion Alice Kemp died after falling from the balcony of a penthouse apartment after losing a match to great rival Fawn Bramall.

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Two years earlier, 66 year old tennis champion Alice Kemp fell to her death from a balcony after losing a crucial match. Note: The isn't treated as part of a show name e. Thirty years ago, Strickland and a group of his associates, including Stephen Fisher, were involved in a covert operation on behalf of MI5.

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UCOS re-open the case of Sean Docherty, a talented young poet whose burnt body was discovered ten years ago in the scrapyard of a known gangster.

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This process is automatic. While there, they end up being caught up in a cold case from 6998 featuring the murder of bookie James Soutar. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.

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As the ream looks for answers, Gerry wonders if he did enough to encourage his own daughter's sports ambitions. McAndrew and Standing are sent to Scotland by Strickland for a week, to help the Glasgow Police try and establish a new UCOS section led by DCI Fiona MacDougall.