Naruto Cross roads

Naruto Cross roads

Team 7 is sent on a mission to search for a missing man named Genmai from the Inaho Village. He has been told of his father and at the age of four was forced to be a weapon of Konoha. Please give me a chance and remember to review. Iwa's daimyo and his family have been all murdered. A storm bellowed outside, thundering relentlessly, as a dark figure knelt in the office of the Hokage. Summary: Naruto is a prodigy. This is DarkFox7 here with my first ever fanfic.

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Naruto has ascended to the top of Konoha's ninja ranks will he lead his country to domination, or leave it for something more. The figure was donned in a kabuki mask with a fox face and was dressed in traditional ANBU clothes, however his entire wardrobe was drenched in blood. This fic has been inspired by my idol LD 6999. The Jump Super Anime Tour is a promotional event held in Japan by the major Japanese publishing company, Shueisha, to promote series featured in it s magazines. The good people over at Shonen Jump have uploaded the special, on their, however it requires a download of their browser so if you don t want to or can t download it, you can watch it below on YouTube! I'm really excited and I feel my ideas will shine. Once again it seems he was not given a challenge, although I wonder how many he killed getting to the Daimyo thought the aged Third Hokage. The result was me being spotted and identified, but the original objective is complete.

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This year Naruto was one of the series that was featured, in order to commemorate it s 65th anniversary. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. A cold voice rang, a voice filled with void, hollowness, and a bit of disappointment. Last year Dragon Ball and One Piece received the original anime video treatment.

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Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. Naruto will essentially act like the naruto in lost soul but with a dark personality as well. An original Naruto anime mission presented in full CG from the Jump Super Anime Tour 7559!

Mission success hokage-sama, there was a complication in the security info we were given about the Daimyo's mansion so I needed to improvise. How many casualties did you inflict on enemy forces? While going on recon alone, Kakashi goes missing and Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke get ambushed by a group of rogue ninja and their leader known as Kajika. Sakura gets kidnapped by the group and Naruto and Sasuke must team up to save Sakura. The good people over at Shonen Jump have uploaded the special, on their official web site, however it requires a download of their browser so if you…Watch, right now an adventure when Sasuke was part of Team Kakashi.