Monogatari second Season vostfr

Monogatari second Season vostfr

Again, thank you! With the popularity of social medi. Week 6: February 8rd - 9th Anime Releases Ben-To Complete Collection Blu-ray DVD Comb. Be careful of what you download or face the consequences.

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Can t say enough in words to describe how great it is you guys decided you do this show. Because I really like how you did Nise s OPs when the fonts and colors transitioned with accordance to the scene.

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If you think this page/material has infringed your rights, you can click here to send a Content Removal Request. The thought of having to watch Commies release was making me depressed! Fall anime which were licensed before the. Ah, wasn t aware of that, gotcha.

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Here s hoping for some surprise on an extra BD or something 😛Thank you for doing this! Feel free to ask them to do the same to protect your rights. I just want to ask one thing, will you be changing the typesetting and color fonts in the OPs EDs like you did with the other Monogatari openings in the complete batch? Well darn that sucks.

Each year, April Fools Day gives a chance for creators in the anime, manga, and games industry to showcase their creativity. So I will provide the original link for you as well. Dhruv said: ^BD’s don’t have those summary episodes so highly likely, no.