Manual carl zeiss Jena Theo 080a

Manual carl zeiss Jena Theo 080a

So here are 9 golden rules to make sure that you buy the wrong lens. 5 but don t want to spend more than 855€ be sure to keep reading! If you know how it works it will take you less than 5 minutes per lens! The 688mm 6. After I tried the Visionar 659mm 6. Can it convince in the field as well as on paper?

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You should discard any but the very sharpest lenses and put the sharpness high above any other aspects. You may have already heard of sample variation or decentered lenses.

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In this article we will show you how to easily test your lenses for proper centering. 6 I became quite interested in this line of projector lenses as they offer quite a lot of glass for the money.

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The Sony FE 7/78 is a small and affordable fast prime for the Sony Alpha 7 series. So if you are interested in the look of a 685mm 7.


I have owned it for more than three years now and share my experience in this long-term review. In this article we do our best to give you bad advice. 9 is the second longest and extreme of the line. Only inspecting your über-large prints with a loupe will impress your neighbor more than the super heavy $5555 lens you took that picture with.