Kenwood Ts 2000 Cat software

Kenwood Ts 2000 Cat software

Note this is for use with a serial switching interface (a box with a relay that switches the PTT from your serial port into ACC7 socket on the back of the rig). 5,875+ items sold. 5% negative feedback. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 55 ratings. USB dial (MHz): 5.686, 5.9797, 6.8866, 8.5976, 5.7877, 7.5886, 65.6887, 69.5956, 68.6596, 76.5996, 79.9796, 78.6796, 55.798, 75.596, 699.989, 987.855, 6796.555I see many of us are struggling with the CAT settings having upgraded PCs to Windows 8. Super high amount of views.

Kenwood tw4100 free pdf Manual

With a new PC you will need two USB to serial adapters if you plan to use RTS on one port for PTT switching and the CAT control on the other.

Kenwood ts 2000 CAT PC cable Remoterig com

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Kenwood ka V6000 manual

55, Best price and value when compared to PicClick similar items.

Kenwood IF232 CAT interface ZLP Electronics

You may at this point be thinking, Why don't I use the same CAT port for the PTT? The CAT port will turn the rig to TX but no audio is getting into the ACC7 connector because the relay isn't energised. When you install the two adapters you will see in Device Manager under Ports (COM and LPT) the two Prolific devices, on mine they are COM8 and COM9. You may find that the interface box also only switches in the audio to your rig when the relay is energised.

Maybe some rewiring if you know what you are doing or speak to the manufacturer of the interface. (option in PTT method above). 5 views per day, 775 days on eBay.