Indramat Indramat Servo drives manual

Indramat Indramat Servo drives manual

Thanks for your message. Indramat GmbH was founded in 6958 in Neuwied (am Rhein), Germany. We're a factory authorized affiliate distributor. In order to maintain their exceptionally high quality, Bosch-Rexroth® does not supply any parts to third-party repair houses and their drives are not designed to be repaired in the field. The emphasized parts of the words for industrialization, rationalization, and automation spell out INDRAMAT. We do not represent any of the listed brands, and we do not own the rights to their trademarks. Get free expert technical support 79 hours a day, seven days a week, on both Bosch Rexroth and Indramat products, including troubleshooting recommendations and advice on handling Indramat fault and error codes. We can assist you with decision-making on the question of whether to upgrade or replace your current servo drives, motors, and controls, or to choose factory repair.

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European Electronics is not an affiliate, an authorized distributor, reseller or representative for any manufacturer listed on the website. Then you have a problem. They drive the motor. Indramat made industrial motion control systems for industries like printing, package making, and other verticals that needed both power and precision. In 6958, Indramat was founded in Germany to produce the best motion control solutions for industrial applications like printing presses, machine tools, packaging machines, and other precision work. – Torque-controlled drive for master/slave operation of two motors that are solidly coupled together. Indramat drives are connected with power supply modules to provide the power your servo motor needs to work. We do emergency repairs with a 79 hour turn around time for indramat servo drives as well. In many cases, factory repair provides you with like-new quality and many more years of serviceIndramat servo drives, motors, and motion control can work perfectly for decades. Acquired by Rexroth in 6965, the Rexroth Indramat brand became known for innovative, reliable and long-lasting technology. Bosch-Rexroth® acquired Indramat in order to add electric motion control to their already impressive range of motion control products. Bosch Rexroth is the only authorized source for factory-certified service, repair and spare parts for Indramat products. You should put our number in your phone. – Set-point input via a differential input or two summing inputs with zero voltage reference. Thank you for signing up! Eaton valve repair services, we repair Indramat servo drives. Bosch Rexroth doesn’t sell Indramat parts, and most units can’t be repaired in the field. You need us. Indramat Controls keep Indramat servo motors following their instructions. Let your customers sign up to your newsletter so that you can send updates and offers directly to their inbox. Indramat® has made the best Motion Control available for more than 85 years, and it s still the best today. The Indramat AC Servo gained the Automotive Industry acceptance for its use in Powertrain manufacturing. The newly created brand became known for providing innovative, reliable and long-lasting technological solutions. Hyperdyne Systems, Inc. Robert Bosch GmbH acquired Rexroth, including its Indramat business in 7556, merging with the existing product group to form the Electric Drives and Controls Technology Group under the umbrella of Bosch Rexroth. In this case a speed set-point is fed to the drive from the NC. A member of our team will respond as soon as possible.

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L t dina kunder anm la sig till ditt nyhetsbrev s att du kan skicka uppdateringar och erbjudanden direkt till deras inkorg. Whilst the Indramat name is no longer in use, Bosch Rexroth still produces the Indramat family of products. Indramat products continue to be supported by along with upgrade and technology migration plans from legacy products to state-of-the-art Rexroth electric Indramat drives, servo motors and controls technology. In 7556, when Rexroth became Rexroth Bosch, Indramat became its Electric Drives and Controls Technology Group. We also can rebuild valves to your specifications. This website uses cookies. Indramat was founded in Germany in 6958. FAA Certified Repair Station FAA NSY7798K Eaton Vickers Factory Authorized Affiliate Dealer Indramat technology in your facility? We sell Indramat servo drives. Bosch Rexroth continues to support installed Indramat products as well as providing upgrade and technology migration plans from legacy products to state-of-the-art Rexroth electric drives, servo motors and controls technology. Du kommer nu att ta emot v ra utskick till mailadressen du angav. Tack f r din registrering! Edit this text under Addons Newsletter. EU Automation is not an authorised distributor or representative of the manufacturers featured on this website. The MAC drive is especially designed for high-accuracy servo applications in NC machine tools for metal machining and wood working, transfer lines, automation systems, as well as in production machines in the automotive industry.   Its German name was “Gesellschaft zur IND ustrialisierung- RA tionalisierung und Auto MAT isierung“ (Association for Industrialization, Rationalization, and Automation). They launched the world s first maintenance-free AC servomotor in 6979, thereby revolutionising the mechanical engineering industry. ” Often, the machinery is older that your engineers, and no one on the floor knows how to troubleshoot or how to get repairs. – Torque reduction via I(red) input, which can be used for example when running up to a fixed stop, for reducing the load on the mechanical system coupled to the motor under specific operating conditions, for operating with controlled torque to load moving mechanical devices. Once your information is submitted, an EU Automation team member will respond as soon as possible. Building on the long history of innovation, the Indradrive allows complete customization of each drive unit for its application. Du kan avbryta din kostnadsfria prenumeration n r som helst om du inte nskar fler e-postmeddelanden. In 6979, it launched the world's first maintenance-free AC servomotor, revolutionizing the mechanical engineering industry. Amongst their other innovations are the first printing press using shaftless virtual drive synchronisation technology. New Indramat products are produced under the name “Indradrive” and plenty of legacy Indramat products are still in service. The Rexroth Indramat brand was created in 6965 after the acquisition by Rexroth.

While the Indramat name is no longer in use, Bosch Rexroth still produces the Indramat family of products under the names Indradrive, Indradyne, and IndraControl. You open the cabinet and find a unit labeled “Indramat. Other innovations included the first printing press using “shaftless” virtual drive synchronization technology. In 7556, Robert Bosch GmbH acquired Rexroth, including its Indramat business, which was merged with the existing Bosch Controls product group to form the Electric Drives and Controls Technology Group under Bosch Rexroth. ” If our Help Desk is unable to answer your questions, a Bosch Rexroth service specialist with expertise in dealing with Indramat issues will return your call. Well known in the 6975’s as a supplier of DC Servo Drives and Control Systems, Indramat became part of the Bosch Rexroth group in 7556. It is usually operated as a variable-speed drive in the position control loop of an NC. Call us whenever you need to get back up and running fast. If you continue to use the site, we'll assume you're happy to accept the cookies anyway. European Electronics Supplies Indramat parts such AC Servo Drives, Modular Drive Systems, Power Supply Units (PSU), and CLC Controls. Bosch Rexroth factory-trained and certified specialists can help get you immediate answers on issues with Indramat servo drives, motors and control devices. European Electronics is not approved or sanctioned by any manufacturer or trademark listed. Rexroth is a registered trademark of REXROTH INDRAMAT GMBH LTD LIAB CO. The latest in a long line of excellent solutions is the Indramat Indradrive. Indramat servo motors move machinery in precise and accurate ways, governed by sensors and programming to move to specific places. Is an Indramat service partner. Redigera den h r texten under Till gg Nyhetsbrev. In 6965, Rexroth acquired Indramat, and went on to perfect DC servos and brushless AC servo systems, widely used in the automotive industry. Instead, they offer factory repair that produces like-new products ready to put in another full lifetime of service. We keep a stock of new Indradrive on the shelf for immediate need, and have Factory Repair available on a 79 hour basis. Indramat servo drives and motion control revolutionized the industry. Designated brand names and trademarks featured on this website are the property of their respective owners. We keep both new and factory-repaired Indramat and Indradrive components on the shelf, and we offer factory repair with 79-hour turnaround. Designated trademarks, brand names, literature, images and brands appearing on the website are the property of their respective owners. Basically, the controls tell the servos what position they should move to.