Geothermal heating and Cooling Software

Geothermal heating and Cooling Software

It operates similarly to a standard heat pump, though a geothermal heat pump exchanges heat with the earth instead of the outdoor air. Geothermal heating and cooling makes that vision a reality. For some areas that means scorching hot summers that change to frigid winters. And then there’s the long-term payback, like that which Maas has enjoyed. In this process, the heat is extracted from the living or work area instead of extracting heat from the ground. Geothermal systems (also called Ground Source Heat Pumps, GeoExchange or just ‘Geo’ Systems) use heat pumps to pick up heat from the ground during the Winter and then release heat to this earth in the Summer. The Earth is our Energy Be sure to find a qualified installer. Energy Bill Savings + Renewable Energy + No Outside Unit Necessary + Quiet Operation + Tax RebatesWhat if there was an abundant source of free energy that was used to heat a house in the winter, cool a house in the summer and provide hot water all year round?

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When selecting and installing a geothermal heat pump, consider the heating and cooling efficiency, the economics of the system, and your site's characteristics. ”   Water circulates in the loop to exchange heat between your home, the ground source heat pump, and the earth, providing geothermal heating, cooling, and hot water at remarkably high efficiencies. The ground absorbs nearly half of the solar energy our planet receives. Contact one of our friendly local dealers through the form on the right or use our easy geothermal savings calculator to see how much you could be saving with geothermal heating and cooling! (Note that geothermal HVAC should not be confused with “geothermal energy, ” the process by which electricity is generated directly from the heat inside the earth. In fact, ClimateMaster geothermal heating and cooling systems are 955-655% efficient and can cut your heating, cooling, and hot water costs by up to 85%. This technology is then used to provide your home or place of business with very efficient central heating and cooling. Columbus Heating Services, Furnace Installation, Heating Repairs, Furnace Maintenance, Ductless Heating Systems, Geothermal Heating. Our proprietary savings calculator allows you to enter your home's information along with your existing utility and pricing to determine just how much an efficient GeoComfort geothermal system can save you versus alternative heating and cooling systems. You can also contact one of our qualified dealers for more information by clicking on the Dealer Locator link above.

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Typical homeowners pay over 7/8 of their energy bill in heating, cooling, and hot water production. You are using an outdated browser. The biggest opportunity to save on your energy bill comes reducing the cost of these three items. A geothermal heat pump taps into the earth s thermal energy to provide up to 75% savings on utility bills. The renewable energy deep inside the earth delivers a limitless supply of heat to your home, offering consistent comfort. At the time, Maas liked the balanced heating and cooling he was getting from his geothermal – or ground source – unit, compared to his previous air source furnace and air conditioner, but he said it was too soon for him to determine if he was saving any money on his monthly heating and cooling bills. Geothermal Heating and Cooling Information shows you how geothermal heating works and will help with your research or problem diagnostics. Look for the ENERGY STAR® label, which indicates that the unit meets  ENERGY STAR criteria. Outdoor temperatures fluctuate with the changing seasons but underground temperatures don’t change as dramatically, thanks to the insulating properties of the earth. A study by the U.

The home shares energy with the earth similar to the way the roots of the trees exchange the essentials of life to their leaves and branches. Geothermal Heating Cooling is cost-effective, reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Outdoor air temperatures can vary greatly from day to night, as well as from summer to winter, while the temperature just a few feet below the earth s surface stays an average of 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Their cooling efficiency is indicated by the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), which is the ratio of the heat removed (in Btu per hour) to the electricity required (in watts) to run the unit. Trane brings variable speed technology to the next level, with systems that intuitively adjust to changing heating and cooling needs. This heat energy can also be used for a radiant floor heating system or for domestic hot water heating. When your home or place of business requires cooling, the heating process is reversed, which in turn creates cool, conditioned air which is then distributed throughout your home or business. Earth heat describes both geothermal energy and geothermal heating, but each utilizes heat created by a different source.