El Viaje De Chihiro Sub

El Viaje De Chihiro Sub

This one is the most powerful and symbolic of them all. Not sure why it took me so long to jump on the Myazaki train but I m glad I did. I just believe it could have been more focused.

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Se detienen delante de un túnel, y al atravesarlo llegan a un mundo donde pasan cosas extrañas. En este universo no hay lugar para los humanos, sólo existen dioses de primera y segunda clase. It filled me with a desire to explore and learn I wanted to understand what baffled me, conquer it. Watching Spirited Away I kept thinking about Eisenstein s thoughts on Disney and animation where he compared animation to fire on the basis of its infinite changeability.

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Sen s terror in the face of overwhelming responsibility, and yearning for a younger, simpler self, touched me deeply.

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Miyazaki s knack for abstractions and changeability is precisely what I d say makes him the most innovative filmmakers working today. I first saw it at 8. I found it scary, but fascinating.

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Each world that Miyazaki creates is unique, fully realized, and utterly engrossing. You need to see it as a kid and an adult to fully appreciate it, I think. It speaks to me in a very different (yet complimentary) way at 77. Chihiro es una niña de 65 años que viaja en coche con sus padres. I loved the creativity and thought that was put into this film.

Perhaps that was Miyazaki s intention though: a sprawling, spirited journey. Safe Mode is on View post Why am I seeing this? This post may contain sensitive media. There are perhaps too many objects and locations that are so disparate its hard to tie together.