Driver Leitor smart card Teo By Xiring

Driver Leitor smart card Teo By Xiring

PKI-based portable tokens with a broad range of on-board security applications like digital signature, user identification and secure on-line transactions. Our systems can cover bus, rail, ferry, road toll, parking, fast-food establishments, and convenience stores. Our solution pages and software pages will redirect you to our new website. More efficient collection. MiniLector EVO has been designed to maximize performances in operations such as digital signature and digital certificate authentication (strong authentication). Certifications to all relevant industry standards including PC/SC, WHQL, USB CCID, EMV 7555, and Common Criteria ensure world-wide compliance and easy integration in any system. OMNIKEY products are designed to support any smart card for any application on any computer. With more than 85 years of experience, Gemalto is truly the expert.

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The latest data on employee mobility trends from Gemalto’s Authentication and Identity IndexBy submitting this form I agree to receive information from Gemalto and its affiliates as described in our. Vasco has been renamed OneSpan. With the help of our competent and experienced engineering team, we have the capability to design and develop new products that will give you a competitive advantage. MiniLector EVO can be used with all types of smart cards as electronic ID cards, health cards etc. MiniLector EVO is a desktop smart card reader/writer, designed to meet the most demanding technical and functional requirements in terms of digital signatures and strong authentication. Faster transactions. Therefore the need of readers able to interface such smart cards is raising too.

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On its case a wide space is available for customization. With the boost of technologies aimed to increase the electronic data security, the use of smart cards within IT infrastructures is growing by the day. From customer service to training your data security team, we re your hands-on experts in managing your digital security.

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Defrag and optimize hard disk to enhance disk durability and maximize PC performance. ACS offers consultancy services. MiniLector EVO is a Plug Play device, indeed, being compliant to CCID standard no driver installation is needed. Product: * Select one ROCKEY7 ROCKEY9 ROCKEY9ND ROCKEY9 Plus NetROCKEY9 NetROCKEY9ND ROCKEY6 Smart ROCKEY7. Explore our existing products below to learn about our new branding. Our transport solution, TapToPay, makes these possible through intelligent transportation systems (ITS) with emphasis on automatic fare collection (AFC). ACS smart cards are available for custom branding and promotional purposes. Treading the waters of the many types and styles of smart card readers can be difficult. The informational links below will redirect you to our new site. Through a combination of lectures and hands-on training, we will enable you to understand and appreciate various concepts and real-world scenarios in the smart card industry. Furthermore, customers can buy white ACS cards, which they can design by their own. OMNIKEY devices support all relevant operating systems from all Windows platforms to Linux and Mac OS.

We welcome OEM enquiries for design printing and personalization at a reasonable cost. The PC-Link portfolio of products includes readers for desktops, laptops, and PIN pads for secure PIN entry. More affordable operations. The solution is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as electronic banking, Internet security, network security, loyalty and PKI applications. This ensures the maximum flexibility for any use case or business environment. Likewise, we are willing to conduct the sessions for other interested parties. ACS offers product customization and product development services to meet specific customer requirements. Welcome to ACS Training Center—your key to exploring smart card technologies! 955 of the world’s IT decision makers talk mobility. We can help.