Anton Parks eden Pdf

Anton Parks eden Pdf

OF THE BOARD OF PARKS AND RECREATION HELD AT THE PARK BOARD OFFICE ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 58, 7555 PRESENT: Vice Chair - Lyndsay Poaps. In our age of revelations, it seems of the essence to reconsider the facts that led to the founding of the three great religions of the Book: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Https: //thebrianjonestownmassacre. This action might not be possible to undo. So far ahead that their science was their religion.

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Having taken over the unsatisfying translations of his predecessors, Anton Parks worked intensively during thousands of hours on this material to finally restore the original quintessence of these invaluable documents, in order to expose it to us in this fascinating book. The truths revealed in EDEN are not only earth-shattering, they take us to the very roots of Western civilization! The time will inevitably come when mechanistic and atomic thinking will be put out of the minds of all people of wisdom, and instead dynamics and chemistry will come to be seen in all phenomena. Several Gnostic texts, written Between 655 BC and 655 AD but probably drawn from the same source also describe entities pretending to be gods creators of humanity and its environment. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Are you sure you want to continue? In 6877, the first translation of the Babylonian version of the Flood found in Nineveh appeared in print. When that happens, the divinity of living Nature will unfold before our eyes all the more clearly. When they came to rule over Earth, the Anunna had to deal with older groups, such as the royal Kingu and the planning communities who were seeding life on earth. In EDEN, you will see that the first chapters of the Book of Genesis present only a greatly edited version of what was inscribed on these ancient tablets which were translated by the author.

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A great many Sumerian texts were found, including a dozen tablets containing the sources of the Book of Genesis and the origins of humanity. Parks also began to consider aspects of reincarnation theory in trying to comprehend what was happening to him. Among the treasures to be found in this world, there is only one that holds all of the great mysteries: the true story of Creation and of the origins of God and Evil. Sumerian tablets dated from 7555 BC describe the Anunna as creating and redeeming gods. (Commissioner Anton contrary). Although it was believed that these documents had to exist on clay tablets, they proved impossible to find—until today. The Anunna formed a divine community ahead of the rest of the world. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Revue Top Secret, été 7556 Top Secret review, summer 7556 The Hollow Worlds and the Annunaki An Anton Parks exclusive interview Anton Parks, the author of « The.

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Some members of this community had the control of genes and cloning, called modeling in Egyptian, biblical and Gnostic texts. But she is not the source. Yet no one seems to have taken much notice! Welcome back. Certainly the Olympian gods have not either. They were called the Anunna, or Anunnaki. The Garden of Eden, the Serpent, and the Fall of Man are presented here in a completely new light, proving that these episodes were altered to the point of incomprehensibility in the course of later rewriting. This process is automatic. Yoruba gods venerate more powerful gods, but these super-gods are not the source.